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@_vamprys Genevieve White

Welcome to Genevieve White's blog. //A Song to Remember ♥♥//
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 @ 6/30/2010 05:03:00 PM

today school was "perfect"
because i am sleepy till now..
zz .
tonight gonna sleep comfortable liaos
if not cannot tahan .
hmms ,
n level briefing today .
then also brief on this friday , sport day .
jialat ,
14th july english oral liaos .
very nervous .
cannot breathe when saw english papers .
now i am worrying about a thing .
type here also no use .
so better don't type le .

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010 @ 6/29/2010 03:52:00 PM

gotta stop blogging .
my right arm hurts alot .

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Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 6/28/2010 05:55:00 PM

today school was almost fine .
some things had happen which i dont wanna mention .
quite many lesson is free period .
hmms ,
until cme .
i hate this lesson .
talk about somethings which i don't like .
argh .
all people laugh .
i was like nothing .
ouhk .
shall end here .
bye .

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Sunday, June 27, 2010 @ 6/27/2010 10:09:00 AM

School tomorrow !
last day to enjoy .

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Saturday, June 26, 2010 @ 6/26/2010 06:30:00 PM

oh my gawd !!
school reopening..
i had not enjoy much nehh :(
everyday life is still the same , sigh .
when school holiday starts ,
i was like so happy .
can rest already !
but now ,
school starting liaos !!
thanks to someone today ,
help me feel okay to going back to school .
now i gonna force myself till n level finish .
watched dramas on yesterday and today .
nothing much to do .

baobei ;

i need you !
so please huh .
laugh .
you know what i mean by "i need you" bah ?
we like lesbian siah .
everytime wanna end text ,
will say love love xD
ouk ,
this making me smile .
haha !
alright ,
now gonna reply your text !! :D

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Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 6/25/2010 08:35:00 PM

Today laugh till my throat pain liaos nah .
and also shout alot .
talked to meow meow ~
updated my diary too :) !

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Thursday, June 24, 2010 @ 6/24/2010 01:46:00 PM

Oh well ,
yesterday outing 23rd June 2010 .
quite fun .
from time 10am to 9pm .
shall say the journey now .
10am meet baobei ,
went to Century Square
and check whether Samsung Phone shop open yet ,
but not yet .
so went to Tampines Mall
ate our breakfast + lunch there .
around 11am plus ,
went to take mrt to City Hall .
go suntec walk ,
chat ,
wifi-ing at starbucks outside ,
play games on handphone ,
haha .
after that ,
1pm plus ,
meet jx .
me and baobei anyhow guess if the white top guy is him ,
then really him ,
laughs .
ouhk then he tried to talked while baobei told him to do so ?
yea .
so mrt to outram change mrt ,
train-ed to habourfront .
str8 go cinema wait for 3 guys .
Melvin , Edmund & Hisyam .
lols .
waited for half an hour like this ?
then they reached .
when i saw them i feel like hiding .
failed D:
ouhk ,
so ya .
we planned to watch Karate Kid de actually .
but full liaos .
so watched Toy Story 3 instead .
Karate Kid very nice lor .
but sad can't watch again .
its okay ,
Toy Story 3 also hilarious !
although they are cartoon .
the buzz very funny .
when they reset the buzz ,
he became speaking in spanish ,
and dance too .
funny seyhs .
especially when he heard the music ,
he dance to it .
the part when all the toys escaping very interesting .
i was scared by the baby
when the background sound so scary
and make the whole scene like horror movie like this :X
laughs o.o .
anyway ,
before the movie ,
we went to Timezone arcade .
watched the three guys playing ,
and also used that time go Pet Safari see doggies .
went to Daiso too .
then after that then go movie :)
right after the movie we dismissed .
then train-ed home with baobei .
and jx alighted at Bedok .
now the time is 2.15pm ,
haven't taken my lunch yet D:

Yesterday night so zz lor .
hoping wont see zombie ,
but in the end still saw it .
nobody would know who zombie is ,
only baobei .
saw yesterday update .
so meaning i bring you bad luck lah ?
ouhk then ,
then dont go gamble lor hor .
thought gamble can win money meh .
hate gamblers !

End of post .

Thanks baobei <3 !
for accompany me collect my phone back xD .

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 6/23/2010 09:31:00 AM

You make me cry ,
make me smile ,
make me feel the love is true .
you alwaysstand by my side ,
i dont want to say goodbye .
You make me cry ,
make me smile ,
make me feel the joy of love .
Oh! Kissing you..
Thank you for all the love you always give to me ,
Oh! I love you..

Going out with baobei later le !
hope it would be a great day today :D
need to prepare and get ready to meet her ,
in 15mins !
rush rush lols .
anyway ,
not rushing because just need to take my bag ,
then done :X .
got to go .
goodbye readers :)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 6/22/2010 10:36:00 AM




I hate it :(

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Monday, June 21, 2010 @ 6/21/2010 10:23:00 AM

school will be open on 28th June .
and i havent even start my studies yet .
just a little .
hmms ,
hope i will be able to revise some by this week !
anyway ,
i will be accompany my mum to CGH later ,
dont know if i want to take something there to read mah .
very boring seyhs .
faster WEDNESDAY nah ,
so i can go out D: !

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Sunday, June 20, 2010 @ 6/20/2010 01:10:00 AM

Im back :)
and im tired too !
because yesterday about 4am then sleep ,
woke up at 10am plus today .
early huh :X
not really actually .
then now i still wanna use laptop ,
do whatever thing i want to do !
so let me tell you my journey today .
just reach home anyway ,
went grandma's house at 4.20pm .
played cards and majong
laughs alot with my cousin .
so funny lor .
we keep change games .
then i keep use to the game i played just now ,
and make myself confused !
after i took my cards i show all my cards to them -.-"
silly me .
then texted friends and baobei <3
hehs ,
talked and chat alot lots !
i shall end here .
dont feel like typing too much .
muscle aches !!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 6/19/2010 01:01:00 AM

Today outing seriously very fun and tired !
haha !
the route went like this .
meet bk at vivo city ,
buy movie ticket to watch "Karate Kid" ,
went to eat lunch ,
go back cinema
and catch our movie !
spinned the machine thingy at gv ,
won star cruise ticket for 2 person .
unfathomable okay !!
we thought it was just our dream but its real !
gonna redeem it soon .
we at there anyhow say then thought wont happen ,
but it happened -.-
laughs !
and the movie "Karate Kid"
super nice seyhs !
i love it .
its kids kungfu haha !
so funny nah .
then later after movie ,
went to take shuttle bus to Resort World :)
took photos .
went to Universal Studios ,
asked for ticketing prices for..
"Hollywood Night Tour"
its cost 2 dollars for one ticket anyway :D !
but got to go back at 6.30pm to buy the tickets
as they only sell on that timing onwards .
so we walked to sentosa ,
the imbiah lookout .
went to play "Luge & Skyride" .
baobei keep put me with BK !
zz .
tell me talk to him whatever .
hmms ,
then on the luge track ,
we keep ride and laugh all the way .
because it was damn funny !
then on skyride ,
baobei keep at there scream..-.-" .
said "scare our things drop then cant pick up liaos !"
anyway ,
this make me laugh .
idk why too D:
then alight ,
went to Sentosa Nature Discovery .
That is crazy ,
im the one who brought them in ,
till the middle of the path i shout like mad
because i saw red ants....!
ya ,
i know im sot .
haha !
after going in and went out ,
we go back Resort World and have our dinner !
its 5.40pm by the way .
then we ordered food
and makan ! :D
after that ,
we queued for the tickets at the ticketing booth .
wanna go in also need queue..
laughs .
hmms ,
then went in ,
we keep wow wow wow so nice here and there .
XD .
next stop we walked around
and took alot photos .
as we walked..
we stopped at the Monsters Rock...
actually thats a live musical place
and is also a night movie .
called and asked for parents permission
whether we could catch the night movie .
they allowed !
then we chiong to buy the night movie tickets .
watched "Bee Movie" @ 8pm to 9.30pm ! :D
hehe .
so nice seyhs the movies .
i keep laugh till stomach pain .
but at the middle part .
i fell asleep for awhile i guess .
baobei woke me up then i got a shocked .
because i thought what happen haha .
then she said that i nearly lean till BK..-.-
lucky she woke me !
if not..whoa..
then later after movie ,
baobei keep tease me zzz !
i say she gonna die on my hand then she threatened me .
hais hais :X .
next ,
went to Bread Talk and bought bread for brother .
then something happened again....
BK treat us then we wanna return him money ,
he run !
siaos one .
run till bu jian zhong ying .
till we go take mrt ,
alight at outram park saw him again ,
we wanna return again .
so we took mrt and go home .
during the journey back ,
i almost fell asleep but lucky i hearing songs .
it keeps me awake :D
so bus-ed back .
reached home around 11.30pm .
online-d fb awhile till now :X
and blogged :)
now got to go sleep .
so BB ! =)

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Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 6/18/2010 09:25:00 AM

Im not a keyboard warrior .
i never state that person name or whatever .
plus ,
if you want me stop ,
sorry ,
i already stopped in the beginning liaos .
as i already said "boom myself" .
now you brought this topic out again..
i type here hai bu shi yin wei i dont want write on diaries ,
which my parents will see until ,
or hurt my hand !?
zz lah .
then ,
if you wanna say im a keyboard warrior i fine with it then .
bye .

-maybe closing down blog-

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010 @ 6/16/2010 03:31:00 PM

hehe ,
today maple with baobei and di .
then jx suddenly appear ,
i thought who ,
then baobei said its him .
if baobei never say ,
wo ye bu zhi dao ~
and wanna create guild .
but then very funny and fed up at the same time too .
because ,
one people named ,
iClavvBoomz !
keep rush people .
said vulgarities too..-.-
tell them shuddup still bark..
idiot lah them .
rawr !
then baobei reach at the last place ,
used too much time .
then all at there keep rush her .
no patience siah them .
whatever then .
but they said baobei lor !
alright ,
stop here .

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @ 6/15/2010 04:08:00 PM

just wanna make myself boom .
if not cannot take it huh .


said i dis-respect you ?
go out keep text ?
people text have their own reason .
you dont know anything so shut your nonsense !
just know how to use people nia .
i am shy to everyone !
except my really really close friend
or know me much !
this is my fear ,
what can i do ??!
want blame all things to me right ?
anything .
i hackcare .
thats why my dream so weird ,
final destinations..-.-
all blood .
who i hate the most really kena till very jialat .
serve this person right .
nails all .. this person !
but the worst thing is ,
i only can save some people .
use too much energy ,
woke up fever .
ate medicine ,
and am okay already i guess .
so gonna let this person be dead !
but die liaos also no use !
first time hate people so much !
zz lah you ,
ban mian yun tun tang lah !
if i dare scold people ,
or see face to face with people ,
i confirm chop chop tell people come down talk !
stupid idiot .
want say different story say all you want !
but how dare you spoil my friendships !?!
even though i dont have much friends so what ?
you got alot friends i scare uh ?
friends also wont last long ,
only until you reach to the stage of
no friends jiu no friends ,
wont die !
still want target me ,
"thats why i no friends" !
i hate it man !
i treat all non-living things as a living things !

-------no link-------

but !
what for you wanna patch again ?
i know you are testing me !
very fun to test huh ?
want test say lah .
like i care or scare like this .
i wont give a damn on it okay !
now turn one round say me .
alright ,
say all you want !
i wont care much anyway ~
hate people say me which i am not that kind of person !
still dare say or scold my friends ?!
eh come on ,
want make thing worst is it ?
only know how to spoil people mood !
the worst thing is ,
say i hai you what scold girls or something like this .
ouh ,
if i really did .
then i dont know .
i only know that ,
now baobei the story that told you are totally different !
you know how to create stories then go publish lah .
can make money too mah hor...
tell story to people which you cant make money .
what for ?
so go publish it ^^

baobei ,
dont shock when see this LOL .

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Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 6/14/2010 08:17:00 PM

someone keep li yong my friend rachel...
what provoke siah .
i hate you too okay !
fed up .
send nonsense thing .

please okay ,
thought i dont know your typing uh .

i really confuse now zzzzzzzz .

rachel ~ LOL .

baobei ! =P


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@ 6/14/2010 07:35:00 PM

hmms ,
today studied with baobei till 4pm .
then went to ikea , giant and court :D
later took shuttle bus to tampines interchange ,
stopped baobei from buying bubble tea !
she keep run to that stall then i keep stop her .
ahh ,
tired !
anyway ,
today we laugh non stop siah .
now i no energy already D:

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@ 6/14/2010 10:37:00 AM

worst worst still !
tml say more if free -.-"

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@ 6/14/2010 10:37:00 AM

Hellos all Readers !
im back to posting :D
anyway ,
cant post much you see huh .
because i going to meet my baobei to study !
at ??
Changi Airport ! :X
hope it will be fun chatting heading to there .
and enjoy our study later on !
hehe .

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Sunday, June 13, 2010 @ 6/13/2010 10:50:00 AM


Why so fast de .
i haven't enjoy finish yet !
plus i haven't even started my revision yet !
all because of my dad ,
took 1 week leave .
sigh .
so i cant go out with my friends or whatever ,
then faster enjoy and study...
hmms ,
next week got two outing .
one day is my study day with BAOBEI !
and another day will be an outing to day with some online friends ,
of course with Baobei too :D
next next week ,
23rd june on the wednesday .
also meeting online friends .
but not confirmed yet i guess .
it might cancel it .
laugh .
alright ,
i shall stop here .
goodbye !

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@ 6/13/2010 12:22:00 AM

today enjoyed myself !
first time i laugh so much !
laughs .
noon ,
me and my brother use the webcam ,
and make the slide shows more interesting !
then we need to keep re take and re take ,
because my brother keep say wrong .
now he watching pokemon now ,
and i staring at the pikachu xD
anyway ,
get back to my post .
oh yea ,
then actually i create all the slide shows myself -.-
so tiring .
i should create it since march ,
because now i gonna make it all at one time !
so tiring D:
its okay .
i can handle it !!
gogo Genevieve ! I can do it ~
hmms ,
after that we went to Giant .
had a walk there and ate our dinner there :)
i went to tried the jacket on myself .

which my family at there walk walk haha .
then after i tried finish ,
i went to scare my di !
so funny nah him ,
he drink water till half then i shocked him xD
lucky he never spit the water out like a merlion .
but cant nah ,
because merlion keep continuous spit out .
haha !
went back to my house nearby the kopitiam there eat supper .
many bangala at there watch soccer..-.-"
the match finish ,
all like monkeys walk out.....
crazy lools !
ouhk ,
not they crazy .
i just being crazy saying them monkeys .
no offence .
because theres one hokkien sentence say what monkeys de .
i forgot how to say it so ,
forget it :X
alright ,
got to stop typing already haha .
Bye bye readers :D

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Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 6/11/2010 11:54:00 AM

yesterday trip to ,
Singapore Zoo & Night Safari ,
didn't enjoyed much .
but i love the Night Safari then Singapore Zoo .
at night see animals so much cooling and fun .
sitting on the tram ,
like flying..
text edmund when i saw the Anteaters !
he said he want sleep so will become pig liaos ,
but when i reached home ,
he still using computer !
lied to me huh .
then before i reach home ,
i go open letter box ,
saw a letter given by baobei !
read it ,
and i somehow smile to myself .
thanks baobei ,
i will reply your letter asap ! :)
alright ,
dont want type liaos .
my hand super pain ,
dont know why .
bye bye .

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@ 6/11/2010 12:07:00 AM

actually all things happen in 10th june ,
but now is already 1am so its 11th june now .
today i realise that outside life is so much complicated ,
then myself !
i met someone who hurt me damn damn damn lot !
because this person is the one and only ,
ever hurt till me !
used vulgarities ,
say me whatever thing which i didn't heard before !
even my parents wont hurt me so deeply .
this person ,
destroyed my life !
destroyed my mood !
destroyed my heart !
my heart already weak enough ,
but this person had make my heart even weaker !
what did i do wrong for my past life ??
after what this person said to me ,
i quickly off my phone !
and dont wanna see this person messages !
but when i on phone ,
baobei texted me alot :(
im so sorry to late reply her .
i really really hate this person ALOT ALOT !
seriously in my life i ever hate someone so jialat .
my day that spend with my family ,
all destroyed by this person !
i shouted
hackcare my family today !
even though i smiled to them sometimes ,
those are fake smile !
this person ruin my day !!!
make me felt so guilty ,
make me do things which i never do before !
I HATE THIS PERSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks baobei and edmund who is with me ,
texted me and help me alot .
i wont forget you all de :)
especially baobei !
i read your letter that wrote to me .
you had quite make me realise i shouldnt care so much about something ,
and carry on my studies .
so we could open shop together
and do whatever thing we wanna be !
i love spending the time with you baobei ,
people say ,
dont ever try to go into a world which is so different
and difficult to adapt too ,
this will make you regret !
now i know what they mean already .
im so stupid .
sigh .
whatever ,
i am now a different girl already !
i gonna be HUIMIN the GENEVIEVE !
as i promised baobei ,
i will be back myself !
but whenever i think till my imaginations ,
my weaknessess ,
i really hate it .
its so suffering .
zzz !
hmms ,
malaya tiger could sleep 20hours in a single day ,
wow !
amazing huh .
if i can ,
thats better !
so i would not think nor do so much things .
and things wont happen so much in my life !
because i only have 4 hours a day !
and in 4hours ,
i guess thats enough for me..
whatsoever now .
i hate 10th june seriously !
because when i go into the toilet ,
stupid idiot large picture at the door !
i almost kena shocked and faint straight away !
then my mum scolded me !
i hate it .
this i my fear !
am i wrong to fear of this picture !?
i have my own fear isn't it :(
im a girl which is so useless what !
live in this world also no use !
no point at all de what !
if i die ,
just burn me !
dont ever care to do funeral !
waste money only ,
as well keep it and take good care of yourself .
i had typed here because i cant wrote too much in my diary .
my hand will hurt alot !
so thats why i only could use typing .
i cant share my feelings but i still open to poeple who can read it .
stupid and silly me -.-
i hackcare le .
this time i dont want be good girl liaos lah !
i be good girl people say i bad girl like this !
i hate someone who say me which i am not that kind !
this person is not even my enermy !
it much more worst then an enermy !!!!!!
never text that person ,
ownself come text me ,
then angry ,
say till blabla ,
say finish ,
i hate that person ,
then tell me to get lost too..
eh hello ,
who started to contact me first uh in the beginning ?
not me right ? .......

-noooooooooooooooooooooooooo mooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddd-


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010 @ 6/09/2010 11:31:00 AM

According to what my friend said .
he said the food there was delicious .
Check this out :)

Sakura charcoal Grill and Shabu Shabu! We are the largest charcoal Grill and Shabu Restaurant in Singapore! Feast you eyes over 200 variety of items in our buffet line, Showcasing our extensive range of freshest seafood. Greens meat, d...essert and lots moreFree shuttle bus to ...marina country Club.. The pick up point is lo...cated at the bay opposite seng kang mrt station infront of blk 257C

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@ 6/09/2010 11:31:00 AM

hmms ,
23rd june ; wednesday .
having a meet up .
meeting Edmund & Melvin .
with one their friend too .
whoa ,
baobei ,
you free to join ??

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 @ 6/08/2010 09:34:00 AM

yesterday went out with friends to pasir ris .
hmms ,
first went to watch movie ,
then later go beach .
i love the beach !
the sea breeze !
wow so cooling when you stand there alone ,
enjoying it !
at 4pm ,
went to kbox .
sing sing sing .
then also having a fun time
by commenting things on my friends wall's post xD
Lamer Edmund and Evil POON !
Flooding their emails huh .
hehe .
but not mine ~~

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Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 6/06/2010 04:47:00 PM

oh well ,
i get irritated by my laptop .
maybe it should say
my internet connection problem bah .
poor handphone ,
she is now injured ! D:
argh ,
whatever .
anyway ,
i am here to blog !
tomorrow ,
cant carry on too lols !
never mind .
i shall skip this topic .
but i dont have anything to say...
oh yes !
Rachel & Jacqueline ,
you all shouldn't drink bubble tea again alright ?
its bad for your health !
dont get addicted oh !
ya ,
thats what i gonna say .
i cant help to control too anyway .
well ,
stay tune to my next post :)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 @ 6/01/2010 05:10:00 PM

free then post something bah .
anyway ,
this few days so tiring .
hmms ,
holiday also very fast jiu will over .
sian norh .
but never mind .
got to enjoy more !!
bye :)

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@ 6/01/2010 11:51:00 AM


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