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What a girl wants...


- Happy Family
- Be brave and have courage.
- More outings with Friends
- Get good results!
- Stop being sad!
- More surprises in life
- Have more soft toys
- More dresses
- Universal Studios
- Genting with friends
- Overseas to other countries
- Extremely large window in my bedroom
- More Cash!
- Find someone who cares for me, treat me good


- Pass N level
- White and pink room
- Graduate from ITE
- Change handphone to Xperia10
- Galaxy Ace
- Galaxy S III
- Gain some weight!
- Cardigan!
- Pikachu ♥
- More outings with Babies Gans ♥
- New pair of heels
- More clothes and shorts!
- More necklaces!
- Heart necklaces ♥
- More rings!
- Laopo's Ring!
- Baobeii's Dress
- Get good results 2011!
- Baobei or Laopo's Karaoke
- Chalet
- Overseas trip to JB with classmates
- Marine Life Park
- More outings with Baobei♥
- More outings with Laopo♥
- White/Black Laptop
- White/Black Netbook
- Pink Bear
- Teddies
- Surprises
- Les Partner Ring
- Les Partner Top
- Singapore Flyer

Many loves to these people ♥♥♥

My favourite brother ♥
He can be cute,
can be naughty.
My closest

the melody

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我很辛苦, 很辛苦。。。可是没人知道。。。


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@_vamprys Genevieve White

Welcome to Genevieve White's blog. //A Song to Remember ♥♥//
王心凌 Cyndi Wang 變成陌生人 官方歌詞版MV
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 @ 10/31/2012 10:07:00 PM

This song is really sad. But it is definitely a nice song. 

Becoming stranger.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 @ 10/16/2012 02:41:00 PM

Hello readers. Since I have some free time, why not I update my post? :) . Although there wouldn't be many people reading it but I don't want to see my blog to be dead. So let's get started!

First of all, I shall talk about what I did recently. As usual, I wake up early in the morning, brush my teeth, wash up, etc and prepare for my school. Meet my hubby at interchange and head to school. As you can see,
life is just repeating. School was fun if you have friends. You seem to get bored easily if you are going to school just by yourself and be alone in every timing. I would say that it is quite a poor thing if there's a person keep being alone wandering around without friends. But most of the time, I dare not approach anyone. Only until if I am in a good mood. Things went alright but my medicines really kill me a lot. It just make my appetite gone worst but of course, after I finish my medicine which means I don't have to eat anymore, I get back my appetite and will start looking for food to munch! Everyday I will have things to do beside schooling. When I reach home, first thing first is to rest and charge my phone straight away then start packing my stuffs and take out my school files. Not only taking it out my school files but to also take out assignments to do. Doesn't mean ITE have no assignments to do. There are and is a lot! You will be occupied by assignments, studies, presentation, and many more. I, myself is having a hard time trying to complete my current module presentation slides. Quite tiring. The moment when you want to get on track but you feel like sleeping. 

I seriously hate this feeling! So, I will try to make myself wide awake in order to continue what I should be doing! Now, do you all ever think what will your future will be like? This question come across my mind before and I really want to know what is the answer. I will start to think a lot and a lot. Anyway, I went to school library today during my sports and wellness lesson since there's no need for me to stay at the stadium. And yes, I saw this book on one of the library table. This book taught me a lot. It also tell us how to overcome situations whereby you are struggling about the answer on particular things such like trust, etc. I will definitely go back to the library and read this book again! 

The book look like this:

Noticing come first before you know how it changes.

Alright. I shall end this post till here. Stay tune. :)

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Sunday, October 7, 2012 @ 10/07/2012 08:30:00 PM


During holiday, I went to school to practice for this event. Well, actually we decided to perform recorder and sing along. But in the end, we changed and learn some dancing 2 days before the actual day performance. Although it is really rushing, but we manage to pull through and get third in position. Well done girls! ;) . You make our class proud! Not only that, there're catwalk competition too. Four of our classmates really did absolutely well! Anyway, it is really nice that we get to interact and bond with one another more! Thanks! Peeps, you all should see the performance! 


the different between me with curl hair.


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