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- Happy Family
- Be brave and have courage.
- More outings with Friends
- Get good results!
- Stop being sad!
- More surprises in life
- Have more soft toys
- More dresses
- Universal Studios
- Genting with friends
- Overseas to other countries
- Extremely large window in my bedroom
- More Cash!
- Find someone who cares for me, treat me good


- Pass N level
- White and pink room
- Graduate from ITE
- Change handphone to Xperia10
- Galaxy Ace
- Galaxy S III
- Gain some weight!
- Cardigan!
- Pikachu ♥
- More outings with Babies Gans ♥
- New pair of heels
- More clothes and shorts!
- More necklaces!
- Heart necklaces ♥
- More rings!
- Laopo's Ring!
- Baobeii's Dress
- Get good results 2011!
- Baobei or Laopo's Karaoke
- Chalet
- Overseas trip to JB with classmates
- Marine Life Park
- More outings with Baobei♥
- More outings with Laopo♥
- White/Black Laptop
- White/Black Netbook
- Pink Bear
- Teddies
- Surprises
- Les Partner Ring
- Les Partner Top
- Singapore Flyer

Many loves to these people ♥♥♥

My favourite brother ♥
He can be cute,
can be naughty.
My closest

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@_vamprys Genevieve White

Welcome to Genevieve White's blog. //A Song to Remember ♥♥//
Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 7/30/2010 04:22:00 PM

Baobei uh,
wo bei ni hai chang liaos lah.
hopefully my classmate will forget D:
you lah,
make me wait you so long.
i thought you already there so go ask andy where you de.
shui zhi dao,
Zul go say "eh, your bf uh.."
monday i sure scold you lors baobei !!
angry angry!

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@ 7/30/2010 02:35:00 PM

♥ Staying in silent..
i MISS you!

could this be the end??

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 @ 7/27/2010 06:47:00 PM

no/have mood.
no/have appetite.
no/have music.
no/have drama.
no/have school.
no/have friends.
no/have family.
no/have lyrics.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

all this is my LIFE!

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Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 7/26/2010 04:44:00 PM

yesterday thunder keep roaring..
suddenly one super loud de,
then i was like stun and later a few seconds,
i scream like siaos !
my heart pump so fast siah !
then my surrounding things all super scary lerhs.
why purposely i bathing then got thunder.
then i went out saw window,
the lightning just woah me.
scared tio me can!
hate it when i don't have any preparation just scare me!
okay ,
today school was pretty fine.
for mother tongue lesson,
i am so guai today can!
because i never put my head down on the table..
and rest nor sleep!
miracle that i won't feel bored today on mother tongue lesson.
for social studies lesson,
whatever teacher teach,
i was like daydreaming.
because too sleepy liaos after my recess.
no appetite actually.
but got a milk by someone,
drink le jiu okay liaos.
thanks lors.
milk help me built out my appetite LOLS.
as for mathematics lesson,
teacher suddenly called me and answer some question,
i was like never react.
then my friend beside me called me.
my reaction damn funny!
i turn my head toward the whiteboard super slow motion!!
i don't know why either.
because i like wanna move my head fast but it stuck like this.
laughs seyhs.
then all like laughing at me.
i super paiseh lah!
end school went to lunch with sweetheart.
then after lunch,
i take away food for mummy! ^^
i so guai leyys lols. :x
joking joking.
went home pass the food to mummy then went down again,
to accompany baobei to food palace and take away :)
hehe !
okay now neh ,
i facebook-ing while doing my homework.
blogging lah :)
so ,
off to my homeworks,
BURBYES READERS (no reader bah?)

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 7/25/2010 04:25:00 PM

yesterday till today damn no mood.
don't know why.
sick also haven't recover.
stupid weather.
please don't keep change the weather lahh.
watch drama,
also no mood to watch.

using this colour to represent how angry and no mood i am now!

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@ 7/25/2010 09:36:00 AM

A Walk To Remember - Cry

yesterday went to grandma's house.
not really fun.
at there rot nias.
but got people accompany by messaging me :x
baobei yesterday been alot of joke with her dad,
and she told me the happening.
so funny.
then i at there laughs.
the another i also laugh is because got people laugh at me uh,
about the rating.
then he himself get lesser then me!
so at night went to dinner,
karaoke at CC.
sang hokkien songs again with aunts and mummy D:
after that reach home around 12am liaos.
but i forgot to charge my phone because i fall asleep after i bath finish,
and ly down on bed, laughs.
woke up,
my brother said he help me facebook and clear notifications liaos.
then i say,
why help..
i wanna see de mah!!
hackcare anyway.
bye readers.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 7/22/2010 03:49:00 PM

when it is night time,
my bedtime,
keep toss here and there.
like this how to concentrate in school lahhhhh! :(
byebye :x

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 @ 7/20/2010 03:55:00 PM

came to post post already!
rachel say i never post haha.
so now i spend some of my time to post something!
what to post neh?
a song to share !

If You Believe - A Walk To Remember

Mandy Moore - It's Gonna Be Love

alot of Mandy Moore song looks nice!
haha :D
downloading it now !
just received a call from parent.
they still haven't home yet.
all alone at home now D:
they going but ham ham!
wee wee ~
miss ham!

finding more songs now.
seeya :D

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Saturday, July 17, 2010 @ 7/17/2010 09:02:00 PM


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@ 7/17/2010 03:27:00 PM

i had enough of this already lahhhhhh!
so hurt and pain.
whole night suffering from fever.
never sleep for the whole night too.
irritating neh.
i hate fever nahhhhh!
if i fever,
whole body hurts alot and no energy some more.
feel like vomitting too.
pain till so long cannot take it,
cry for hours too..-.-
i so stupid.
never go eat medicine jiu like this.

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Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 7/16/2010 01:55:00 PM

wow , nice one..
this weather make me feel super zzz lah .
sometime hot weather ,
sometime cold weather.
stupid siah .
had a bad dream .
kena blame for no reason in my dream .
kena scolded too .
woke up sore throat !
just recover now came back again !
rawr !
hackcare liaos..
anyway ,
today school recess time rain-ed !
so cold siah .
grrr ~

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Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 7/11/2010 08:17:00 PM

today outing was quite fun?
but didn't manage to high till very jialat,
because i am sleepy.
i took the place as what like this lols.
because its dark and i will be dare to dance.
dance alotalot till breathless.
sang from 11.30am till 5.30pm.
went alot time to toilet, lols.
because drank too much already.
but the toilet so scary :(
baobei never accompany.
only 2times she accompanied me nias.
hais hais.
sing till so fun huh, baobei.
okay, then later after we finish singing.
we went to eat at "food restaurant".
i jiu not really in the mood.
but say till neoprint,
i okayokay liaos.
took neoprints then i look so weird.
got one photo sensor-ed.
baobei lorrs.
dont wnt mention it :X
later she scold me.
when that time we going back home,
three of us felt the same thing!
environment weird weird,
people are weird too.
then our heart also very warm!
like got thing going happen like this.
then really got thing happen.
at tanah merah station,
they stopped and tell us all people alight.
but still weird.
until tampines station,
the mrt really got problem.
the announcer don't have so they used speaker.
seriously very weird jiu dui liaos.
i now super sleepy.
just now back home jiu eat medicine liaos.
make me more sleepy afterwards.
bye and nights.

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@ 7/11/2010 09:03:00 AM

having sore throat since last week.
yesterday went out till very late
and only slept for 3hours.
now i realised i had fever already.
but gonna keep it quiet and don't let my parent know.
if not i can't go out later on liaos.
tomorrow school day.
my fever will get well soon.
have ulcers too inside my mouth.
drink water also difficult :(
muscles aches too.
maybe muscle already ached,
but i act smart go walk so much yesterday.
from tpy block 12 to tpy interchange.
i love to drink starfruit juice!
is it i drank too much become now de like this?
never mind hackcare.
weather problem too.
i totally giddy too D:
later going bugis "TopOne" karaoke liaos.
with baobei and andy.
so fun later.
confirm chop chop!
we gonna high together and freeze together le!
Yipeeeeeeeee ~

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ 7/07/2010 06:19:00 PM

14 July 2010 will soon arrive .
that day will be my n level oral .
so nervous haha .
but oral much much better then written papers .
laughs .
sad die me .
had sore throat and ulcers .
so pain !
can't talk much too .

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Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 7/05/2010 06:41:00 PM

went out study and play with baobei and Andy .
have fun chatting and laughing ♥ :) .
Andy do magic ,
so cool lor ! anyway ,
during the journey back home ,
take 293 ,
got durian smell ,
;eeks !
but somehow ,
i am super quiet !
so funny haha .
i just listen to them talking nias .
also ,
at Tampines One ,
saw the "bioskin" thingy .
they filming haha .
can see them keep retake alot of times .

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Friday, July 2, 2010 @ 7/02/2010 04:53:00 PM

today sport day .
watched the relay finish .
ended at 1pm .
hungry till don't know how say .
during the 7am to 1pm ,
super boring ..
forgot to bring my ear piece .
i thought can't use phone but can..-.-
then around 11plus 12pm like this ?
yz and sk keep disturb till me .
sk took my fan
yz bought cup noodles .
make me more hungry !
hais .
then drink water till...
bo bian .
need wait till end then go eat .
after my lunch ,
i was totally full .
before lunch totally hungry .
laughs !
bus back home .
but rain too heavy ,
can't go back .
need stay at a block downstair from 2.23pm..
can remember the timing easily !
till now then i reach home !
i hate the feeling..
alone when waiting the rain to stop !
so eek !
that time i was like sobbing zzz .
because so cold out there .
rain keep make until me .
i forgot i could take another bus .
293 .
so can reach 726 there the bus stop .
alight still got shelter .
who ask me so stupid..........................
whatever le .
now home so happy liaos .
no place is better than my comfort home !
pikachu always there for me when i am at home .
lovelove .
thanks baobei .
requested to come down accompany me .
i still ask her ,
"serious uh ? rain heavily wors now , you really wanna come down pei me ?"
then she said "Yes ."
i am super happy !
am touched too !
thankyou ttm ! :) ,

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