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What a girl wants...


- Happy Family
- Be brave and have courage.
- More outings with Friends
- Get good results!
- Stop being sad!
- More surprises in life
- Have more soft toys
- More dresses
- Universal Studios
- Genting with friends
- Overseas to other countries
- Extremely large window in my bedroom
- More Cash!
- Find someone who cares for me, treat me good


- Pass N level
- White and pink room
- Graduate from ITE
- Change handphone to Xperia10
- Galaxy Ace
- Galaxy S III
- Gain some weight!
- Cardigan!
- Pikachu ♥
- More outings with Babies Gans ♥
- New pair of heels
- More clothes and shorts!
- More necklaces!
- Heart necklaces ♥
- More rings!
- Laopo's Ring!
- Baobeii's Dress
- Get good results 2011!
- Baobei or Laopo's Karaoke
- Chalet
- Overseas trip to JB with classmates
- Marine Life Park
- More outings with Baobei♥
- More outings with Laopo♥
- White/Black Laptop
- White/Black Netbook
- Pink Bear
- Teddies
- Surprises
- Les Partner Ring
- Les Partner Top
- Singapore Flyer

Many loves to these people ♥♥♥

My favourite brother ♥
He can be cute,
can be naughty.
My closest

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@_vamprys Genevieve White

Welcome to Genevieve White's blog. //A Song to Remember ♥♥//
I can do it.
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 @ 9/22/2015 11:18:00 AM

My result have been released. I can only said that my results have been dropping very badly. It's not that bad that I could smoothly go onto next semester without retaking any module, but I felt disappointed in myself, very. Whenever I look at my ITE graduation photo, I felt like I am useless now. Previously, I could put so much effort and get the result I would like to get. But now? Even how hard I am trying (maybe not hard enough), I am unable to get back the result I am always desire for. Telling myself each time that maybe I need a break, maybe everything will be fine soon and I will stand up proud again telling everyone that 'I did it'. Do you know what's the feeling like? It's hurt. Now, since god gave me another chance to do well, maybe to work hard and improve a better academic result for the next semester. I must not give up on myself nor dragging myself everyday anymore! Gen, you can do it! You have to work hard. Not for people, but for yourself. Keep on trying and till you get to what you want.

i can do it, i can do it.
i can do it, i can do it.
i can do it, i can do it.

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Friday, September 18, 2015 @ 9/18/2015 02:41:00 AM

Give myself a clap. Reading back my tweets and saw one of this that could surely explain my life every single time. & one of the re-tweet: "It's hard to move on, when memories are pulling you back." is so true. Any places you and someone been to left with flashbacks. You know that Singapore is so small that you couldn't escape the place you would rather forget. I have came across this sentence, "Don't make memories with someone you would rather forget.". So, I don't actually agree with this sentence because you wouldn't know that if someone is worth for you to know until you come into contact with the person for awhile, am I right? & by forgetting someone is hard. I rather don't lie to myself and try to forget someone but to accept the fact and move on in life!

--- --- --- ♥ --- --- ---

Time to share my newly made website again! This time I've created "memory lane" which I chosen a few photos that I currently like and post it to this web. Sorry that I am not very professional in taking photos or designing the web, but these are my hobbies. I am so interested in learning many new things in life right now! Firstly, I have been looking for jobs since the start of holiday, but it fails. I couldn't work during weekend because it's family day, and then I just lost the chance. This holiday, I am trying to make use of my time to do something more meaningful, but it always fail... Wanted to take the basic theory test and end up didn't make the appointment after hearing the lady going through the whole course thing. Still considering if I should make the appointment soon with my other friends even if the test will be delayed till next year. Part of the reason why don't I accept the course is that I have no money, no car, no intention to take the practical test yet, so, I end up delaying it again. Been wanting to take since three years back when I just passed 18. I need to start planning now! I must not be the girl who just sit there and scare of this and that but try to overcome my fears. Oh yes, did I share with you that I've tried volunteered myself in helping up with the OCBC Cycle Event? Well, the event is great! I have to faced so many strangers, helped in packing, distributing the tags, goodies to them. It been so long since I do counter jobs. Scanning the tags and note down those who have accepted the goodies, etc. Wish there are more events that I could help up soon, provided I'll be able to do it! Travelling alone always my biggest fear last time and now I am trying to travel alone and if I really lost my way, smartphone GPS is useful here! It could help me lead to the place I would like to go, and thanks to the present, I could easily learn to travel here and there now without fear unless my phone battery is flat. laugh.

That's all. I shall stop here and get some rest. Goodnight.

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First of Sept
Wednesday, September 2, 2015 @ 9/02/2015 03:37:00 PM

Yesterday was a fun outing with this girl. We have known each other for three years. Time flies. I still remember those days we spent in the same class. Had so many chit chat session in school or even on the bus back home. Our impromptu decision, and those random topics. 

It's September now. I really hope things could get better everytime. Hoping for just a passing grade for my exam as well, because I know I may not do well in this exam.

"Pictures tell many things."

End of post. I need more of this kind of outing please!

*Job hunting still going on* Guys, any event jobs to recommend???

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