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- More Cash!
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- Pass N level
- White and pink room
- Graduate from ITE
- Change handphone to Xperia10
- Galaxy Ace
- Galaxy S III
- Gain some weight!
- Cardigan!
- Pikachu ♥
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@_vamprys Genevieve White

Welcome to Genevieve White's blog. //A Song to Remember ♥♥//
Monday, August 30, 2010 @ 8/30/2010 06:53:00 PM

"Is there a such thing call miracle?"
Today lessons was quite fun :)
geography get to digest some questions and lucky i had do correctly on the board.
Poa lesson, manage to finish my worksheet and manage to recall what i had learn so far.
mother tongue lesson get back my "spelling" and i get full marks.
teacher remarks wrote alot! laughs.
recess time went to eat with friends.
Social Studies lesson , Mr Vaahid never come.
get to slack & same to Physics lesson because Mr Tan never come too.
At physics period happened alot of funny things.
from mother tongue, one of my classmate, seb tried to say sk a farmer.
until physics they have war by throwing bottles, pens.
their actions were funny haha.
also got a funny thing but not going tell here if not uh, very bad! HAHA.
Mathematics lesson today, time passed totally fast.
don't know why too.
CME went to hall and discussed about "Graduation Night" things.
another 15mins brief about N level.
All the BEST to everyone! =))
end school took Rachel's dad taxi to tampines interchange.
saved 55cents haha.
anyway, thanks to her dad.
Ivy and I accompanied sweetheart to challenger and buy her memory card.
after that went to take a look at ipac. IT'S COOL!!
went to lunch, ate crispy mushroom.
first one i thought of is baobei.
because she wanted to eat it too.
should take away for her D:
then after our lunch, we went to comics connection.
but Ivy went back first.
found cute things there!
bought our sweetlove thingy -Pig Rabbit- which is from the "You're Beautiful" that drama.
so cute seyhs!!
bus-ed back and met baobei.
gave her the -Pig Rabbit- and she also gave me a phone strap. IT'S NICE!! xD
later on went to met Jian Hao and pass him things.
received a call from brother & he told me that i will get a surprise from him.
when i reached home, wait quite long outside my house's door.
went in, my brother closed my eyes..
on "HappyBirthday" song & let me guess what he gave me.
a pink small bear w/ a card!
i was shocked because i just bought myself a -Pink Rabbit- then he also buy me a pink bear.
so alike.
today i rest myself never study.
tomorrow i gotta study back liaos!
promised myself!!! XD

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Sunday, August 29, 2010 @ 8/29/2010 08:18:00 PM

Impacts of Globalisation


Positive impacts :

1. Incomes and standard of living have improved.
Globalisation has resulted in TNCs investing in many countries. People in these countries can be able to work in jobs with higher income. They will thus benefit and be able to afford better goods and services. For example, Singapore’s average household income increased by five times between 1980 to 2005. Singaporeans can buy a variety of goods. This will lead to an improvement in the quality of life. When the TNCs pay taxes to government, it can use the money to invest in better healthcare and education services. This will further encourage investments into the country. Hence, standards of living will improve.

2. Talented people will be able to work and travel anywhere in the world.
With globalisation, highly skilled people are able to live and travel overseas. They can find work in places which need their skills. This is beneficial for the country that the talented person that settles in because the person can contribute to the local economy. His home country will also benefit when they send money back to support their families. This will enable the people in developing countries to raise their standards of living when these talented people overseas to work.

Negative impacts :

1. There is a growing income gap between the rich and poor.
Developing countries often face trade restrictions put up by the developed, richer countries. These barriers will slow down development in developing countries. Even if these developing countries develop, the workers are lowly-skilled and they will be unable to produce better quality goods that can fetch higher prices. These workers will be paid less and they will not be able to upgrade themselves. The rich in developed countres will continue to be richer because of better opportunities while the poor and less skilled workers will be the first to suffer and be retrenched during economic crisis.

2. There will be increased competition among countries for investments from TNC. Countries that are able to provide more incentives to foreign investors will be more successful in attracting the TNCs. These countries are usually more developed and more stable. For example, Singapore offers TNCs lower corporate taxes as compared to other economies like Hong Kong to attract investments. As a result, countries which are unable to offer attractive incentives will suffer and these countries are likely to be the poorer, less developed countries.

3. Some developing countries have poor working conditions.
TNCs have set up ‘sweatshops’ in these countries. These sweatshops often have unsafe working conditions. The workers are paid less than US$2 a day and may suffer physical or mental abuse. They may have to work long hours and the TNCs will sometimes employ children to work. This will result in the people in these developing countries becoming poorer and are unable to raise their standard of living.


Postive impacts :

1. There is more awareness of other cultures and events when people from different place mix together.
People can experience food and other products that is not available in their countries. With internet, people are also more aware of events in places faraway from their countries. For example, people in the US were immediately aware of the tsunami in Southeast Asia and were able to offer help quickly. This awareness will promote more interaction and understanding among different people from different countries, which will promote more peace in the world.

Negative impacts :

1. With globalisation, there may be a loss of local cultures.
Globalisation has led to the spread of American cultures across the globe. American companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s become dominant in the markets in other countries, crowding out local, smaller and more traditional shops and cultures. Thus, people may not be happy about the spread of these American cultures. They may believe that the US is forcing its beliefs and cultures on the rest of the world as the American culture becomes the homogenous culture in their countries.


Positive impacts :

1. The spread of globalisation will mean that information can be shared more easily and faster between countries.
Countries will be more aware of environmental issues and the impact of these issues immediately with the spread of media like the Internet and telecommunication. This will allow countries to come together to solve the environmental problems through platforms like the UN as they become aware that environmental problems cannot be contained within country. This enables countires to develop a greater understanding of the complexity of the environmental issues facing the world.

Negative impacts :

1. Large quantities of goods can be moved freely around the world by planes and ships.
While this promotes trade, the movement of goods will contribute to global warming as planes produce large quantities of greenhouse gases. This will lead to an increase in greenhouse gases which lead to an increase in global temperature. Global warming will result result in financial damage to low-lying countries like Singapore when ice-caps melt and sea-level rises.

2. Demand for paper or wood products from all over the world will result in deforestation of rainforests.
When the forests are cut and burnt down, large dust particles are produced and leads to poor air quality. While countries like Indonesia may experience economic growth from the timber industries, deforestation will lead to poor air quality in the country. The haze may even spread to other countries, resulting in even greater financial damage as Singapore and Malaysia may suffer losses in the tourism industry. The loss of forests will also mean that global warming will increase as there will be less tress to absorb carbon dioxide. This will in turn lead to irreversible damage to the world in the near future.

Coping it..

1. Singapore is able to promote continous learning among the workforce so that workers will have suitable skills to work in jobs in a globalised world. The Workforce Development Agency creates opportunities for workers by encouraging employees to go for skills upgrading. One example is the ‘Employability Skills Systems’ so that workers will be able to adapt to constantly changing work environment with their skills. This will reduce the chances of retrenchment during economic crisis. The workers will also be able to remain relevant in their jobs so that they can remain employed or even work in more highly paid jobs.

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@ 8/29/2010 01:54:00 PM

"How am i going to stop this?"
Had been revising for Social Studies about 3days.
hopefully what i studied will came out on N level.
the exam falls on 7th September, and i started to be nervous!

Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant

The principle of “anticipate change and stay relevant” is the most important principle to ensure good governance in Singapore. The leaders must be forward looking and makes decisions in anticipation of future challenges. For example, the government prepares for the future by ensuring self-sufficiency in water supply. Before the Water Agreement with Malaysia expires, Singapore has found alternative water supplies in order to be self-sufficient by producing NEWater and desalinated water. In addition, the government must be willing to take risks coming up with creative and innovative ideas so that the country can overcome its limited size and natural constraints, and stretch its potentials to meet competition.

Leadership is Key

The principle of “leadership is key” is the most important principle to ensure good governance in Singapore. Leaders must have talents and good character so that they can maintain stability in the government. They must be able to make the right decisions and have the moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular. For example, by introducing the ERP, the government has shown the quality of having leaders who recognize the effects of peak-hour traffic flows on the economy and introduced a policy to manage them although it was not as it increases the cost of travel for the people. In addition, the leaders must also be incorruptible so as to win the confidence, respect and support of the people.

Reward for Work, Work for Reward

The principle of “reward for work, work for reward” is the most important principle to ensure good governance in Singapore. The government emphasizes and practises meritocracy where people are rewarded based on abilities and hard work, for example like the Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursary which are rewards to the top 10% and 25% of the students in schools and ITE. Therefore, people are encouraged to do well since everybody in the society has an equal opportunity to achieve their best and be rewarded regardless of race, religion and economic background. In addition, the government also gives our reward to the people through the Progress Package when the country achieves economic growth is shared among all Singaporeans, especially the lower-income, to encourage the people to continue giving the best and be rewarded.

A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All

The principle of a “stake for everyone, opportunities” for all is the most important principle to ensure good governance in Singapore. By having a say in the decision-making, the people will develop greater sense of belonging to the country. For example, the government consulted the people on the issue of having a casino as part of the Integrated Resort. Through the feedback sessions, the people were given opportunities to voice their support and concerns about the government’s proposal.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ 8/28/2010 09:11:00 PM

"When i am sad, no mood or need any help, first one i will think is definitely you."
daddy and brother are watching "Resident Evil" beside me now.
my imagination seems to be appearing again.
had told them to turn the volume down so that i would not be so scare.
at noon i watch still okay but now its already night time.
but at the beginning not really scary.
LOLS, the creature came out then the man say "O-M-G" i also say the same thing with him.
anyway, let me start blogging.
wanna say about yesterday!
it was totally embarassing when my classmates had push the blames on me..
by saying that the door knob is i make spoilt.
but its okay.
i also never did anything, laughs.
but they keep "orh hor" me D:
4T1 class also can hear lors.
at first is kena lock outside the classroom by Jocelyn and See Kin?
then after that i finally went in, my bag don't know at where.
Zul took it and put it in the class' cupboard.
when i wanna put my chair up on the desk, See Kin's hand go put it at the desk -.-
after school went to take thumbdrive from Jian Hao.
way back home, saw a centipede or worm laying on the pathway.
baobei stepped on it and while i told her, i saw the centipede or worm MOVE!
i screamed super loud.
by the way, the day before yesterday i never get enough sleep.
whole night stay awake.
tossing here & there.
yesterday night, more jialat.
can sleep is can sleep but keep wake up.
dream also keep change here & there.
one dream that make me going out of breath is..
a toy store's boss keep want me to arrange the toys which is not my job!
i am just a customer there anyway.
then the boss went to take a very huge and strong metal bar i think and whack my arm -.-
pain till dont know how to say!
still dare ask my mummy to squat down!
angry die neh!
chill me chill me.
now i also very...
finally the movie had ended.
so scaaaaaaaary.
when the girl came out, whole city was in a mess!
only left with her.
awww..imissyou baobei!
i wish i could enjoy with you at there now!
but i can't :(

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Sunday, August 22, 2010 @ 8/22/2010 02:21:00 PM


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@ 8/22/2010 02:13:00 PM

i realised that my stomach just hurt everyday.
i really cannot take it already.
7 Sept is Social Studies N level already,
i still haven't study yet.
gonna start now.
maybe if i study how many times,
i still can't get to understand the topics.
so difficult siah.
especially the SEQ , need to write essay.
sians diaos.

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Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 8/20/2010 02:32:00 PM

today early in the morning ,

rain so heavily -.-

and i forgotten to bring jacket ,

cold till freeze !

wait baobei at downstair then the lights just went off ,

shocked me !

zz .

plus i cant see properly when its dark D:

then touch the wall walk LOL .

baobei oh baobei ~

===============EDITED 10.10pm================
went to tampines inter there with baobei around 4.20pm and
8hundred plus the pasar malam around 5plus.
have fun today :))
around 6pm?
andy came and meet us.
then he keep follow us like this.
but at 7pm like this,
my mum and brother came.
so we went to find.
then my mum keep tease andy all those stuff which i cant mention.
also had created alot of jokes today xD
Joke of the day ; Gou Gou
cool liaos lor .
like this also can uh ;x
shall sleep as late as possible today.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010 @ 8/19/2010 03:51:00 PM

today kena shocked 2 times by Rafi in school .
he also keep bang table .
what the hell lors .
my heart beats super damn fast and imagination turn out .
my stomach still hurting , alamak .
cannot take it siah .
because already hurt 1 week already .
rawr !
my friends say i got wei tong .
sians .
going night study later on i guess .
but i feel so sleepy now D:
i go night study also never even learn until things siah actually !

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 @ 8/18/2010 08:22:00 PM

Today went out with baobei study .
sm also with us studying to .
went to 4t1 , jordan house study .
actually i don't really adapt to the place .
because of the smoking smell D:
but hackcare nah ,
at most my heart beats fast onlyyyyy~
5plus we off and then went to 8hundred plus pasar malam .
hehe ,
bought fried mushroom .
nicenice :D
but nehhhh , salty LOL .
later 5.45 like this ,
went to tampines regional library and return my storybooks .
after that went to eat my dinner there .
haha ,
very funny lah .
we plan chalet thingy .
then later during eating ,
we like playing like this xD
okayokay .
ya so thats all for today .
smell alot of smoking smell today -.-
burbyes , the end .

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 @ 8/17/2010 05:08:00 PM

actually could end school at 2.15pm.
but school hold us back to catch all those students that never attend..
cross country, sports day and national day.
until 3pm then release..-.-
ended school and went to tampines mall ,
"Yoshinoya" and eat with friends.
today get irritated by IRRITATING GUY !
make me no mood.
very irritating can...zzz.
but now my mood went normal again .
alright ,
i stop here le .
byeeee ~

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Monday, August 16, 2010 @ 8/16/2010 05:08:00 PM

no mood today .
everyone talked to me i seemed to be shouting them .
sorry people if i shouted at you .
dont blame me D:
i really doesn't mean it de .
today seriously is a bad day for me .
starting of school ,
headache and ribcage pain again .
somemore my stomach still hurts damn badly .
mood damn bad too .
my geography teacher said my sweetheart daydreaming..-.-
keep zhen dui on her siah .
then i was like very angry lors ,
when sk and yz keep laughing at wq about some things which i not going to mention here .
you all really bad can .
like this say people .
do you all ever think if you not on purpose say wrong word ,
then people at there laugh at you ,
what were you all think ?
felt upset isn't it ?
same to wq can....
honestly , alot of time i get irritated by you all too .
today i no mood then i say it out de .
maybe i like this is call cyber-bully ?
i don't care now .
things gone bad today .
hopefully tomorrow is a good day .

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Sunday, August 15, 2010 @ 8/15/2010 08:50:00 PM

hide your real feeling inside your heart.
but not from your appearance.

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Day of the days
@ 8/15/2010 08:27:00 PM

my stomach still hurts badly .
it been 4days already .
someone questioned me again .
i wish that you don't let me recall all this things .
this might let me feel terrible zzz .
whenever you ask me this ,
i don't know how should i answer back , you know ?
sigh .
not i want to hate you .
its because you hurt me damn deep .
i still can roughly recall the message which have vulgarities and so on .
the messages keep stay in my head .
the day that been runined by you ,
i still remember vividly .
but whatever it is ,
not i wanna blame all the fault to you too .
is just that...
fine , shall end here .

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Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 8/14/2010 10:02:00 PM

sadly , tomorrow is sunday already .
soon it will be school days again .
days just pass damn fast .
can't even enjoy much .
i wish i could just slow down the timing and spend my days happily .
but not spending my time alone and sadness .
it would be great if time won't pass !
or shall i say time pass slowly .
i am so disappointed of myself for not being too focus on studies right now .
after all , this time round is the most important year
and now i still in drama and music life .
i forced myself and told myself to concentrate, study for my N level already ,
but in the end i still went to watch my drama and happily listen to my musics -.-
who can just remind me not to drama and music everyday , every minutes !!

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@ 8/14/2010 10:48:00 AM


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Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 8/13/2010 03:08:00 PM

toooooooooooday is Social Studies' prelim.

SEQ , i learned never come out!


but Jocelyn told me that the question 4 is about the globalisation.

the notes that i read!


i did wrong question already!

should do question 4 instead of question 2.


but what done is done.

can't change it too anyway.


after my SS's prelim,

went to Tampines Interchange , with wq & rac .

ate my breakfast + lunch at KFC , haha.

Porridge yumyum! ;)

and also ate egg tart!


after that accompany them to go search for ring?

& i also bought myself a ring too!


so happy , laughs .

after that bus home ,

went back home put bag and rest .

walk down to NTUC and check if Teenage Magazine is out,

and it really out ~

went to Jh's house talk after that.

talking rubbish anyway.


then later went to meet baobei,

wanted to send her go school actually but it rains!


so she meet her friend and walk to school by herself.

after that i went back to NTUC bought HL and drink again.

bought one more for brother.

went back home straight & on laptop!

drama drama drama ~

now my pigu pain liaos !

sit too longggggg LOL .

shall off to drama again, burbye :D

My stomach is so damn painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !

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Thursday, August 12, 2010 @ 8/12/2010 04:32:00 PM

really don't understand why i am so lousy in MOTHER TONGUE!
alot character i cannot read uh.
and then i don't understand the whole passage and some from other passages.
gonna fail my mother tongue already.
even though i find it easy for paper 1,
but i dont think its easy.
i just trying to comfort myself by saying it D:
now i cant already because paper 2 i am sure i gonna fail it.
for paper 1,
i never bring my dictionary.
4 words i do not know how to write..
while i finish doing, nothing to do,
i take the left timing to think the words out by writing out the han yu.
then at last i get all the words out.
okay i admit i am crazy because like this also can.
but format all those i not sure i am right mah.
yesterday english paper 1 really difficult for me.
paper 2 i could do much of it, but i don't really think i will pass too.
never mind.
not N level , no worries.
got to study social studies already, gosh.
drama later on xD

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 @ 8/10/2010 07:53:00 PM

today is not my day.

and it is 7 Month from today onward.

do what also hais hais.

4.30pm met baobei,
to go watch the YOF which i know it would be boreddddd..
but we met also not really that thing,
we feel like chatting thats all.
love to chat with her.
sometime i do get jealous when she ignore me Dx
but its okayys.
i don't really understand hor,

why our school so weird weird one.

call people go school with pe-attire but,

in the end only stand at the road side for awhile.

lucky NA classes & NT class dont need to go compulsory.

we are optional and for the other classes from sec 1 to 5 need go.

the YOF crazy less de.

only run run then few buses passed by only.

nothing de norhhhh.

later on we went to eat dinner at foodpalace haha.

eat till going finish my food,

i dont feel like eating liaooooooos.


then chat with baobei till around 7plus then go home :))

now very tired tired ;x .

so sleepy.

dream too much liaos nah.

my dream all very dramatic.

especially some dreams...-.-

don't wanna recall or mention it...


so now i gonna end here.

bye readers.

(no readers)

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Monday, August 9, 2010 @ 8/09/2010 04:22:00 PM

Now channel U showing KPOP!
Just now 2NE1 , then later Girl's Generation all this.
Suju, Big Bang!
Baobei ;
sorry sorry is our dance memories! HAHA.


now is 7.42pm
currently watching ndp and using laptop now.
iloveyou, SINGAPORE! ♥
am proud of being a singaporean man.
but ndp really kind of boring already.
maybe every year it like just the same.
but i still love singapore!
haha :D
oh damn!
i love it , i like it !
i love you damn much !
gosh gosh i can't calm myself .
i really really seriously love it !
someone calm me doooooooooooooown !
oh man D: !
laughhhhhhhhhhhhhs .

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Sunday, August 8, 2010 @ 8/08/2010 09:25:00 PM

Today is 080810 ♥ th-best day of the week :)
let me start from the beginning alright?
yesterday went back home late,
so i woke up at 10am in the morning today.
used computer and go facebook.
then went to watch drama haha.
after chatting with baobei,
we continue our drama :D
so at 1pm,
we met each other and have our lunchat foodpalace!
take away food for mummy then pack my bag and go study!
we went to library.
but found out that there are no spaces for us to study.
we went to Tampines One's "Kopitiam" instead.
study till like never study as we keep pass messages.
-love message-
we actually studying but until we tired and felt sleepy,
we decided to walk and shop around.
saw beautiful and cool necklaces!!
but we dont't have enough cash..-.-
so we only could see cant buy.
next we went to "BGH" and then "This Fashion" see dresses.
as we considering to see!
after that,
took bus 293 and alight near 726.
walked to block 715 then to pass Jocelyn's file and Math so called TYS book :)
chat with her awhile with my baobei accompanied me.
she suffer the pain alot siah!
poor thing.
after that went to eat dinner at Madison's.
chat 2hours like this at random places after that hehe.
we chat till damn fun!
i like the part that we planning to stay late late if we have chalet!
then we could go watch midnight movie,
play and have fun.
go beach too.
oh man!
i ♥ it !
after that we also talked about things something like imagination.
such as..
"if we are the people from the drama -Romantic Princess- it would be cool!"
long chat anyway.
then still got..
"we could change ourselves into small people, in order to go inside dollhouse play! drama on -Wizard of the Waverly Place- that would be wonderful!"
so funnnnnnnn nahhhhhhhhhhh!
then my mum allow me to watch midnight movie next time!!
I am so HAPPY!
shall end here,
bye :D

GenevieveWhite [♥]

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I wish LIFE will be FUN everyday!
@ 8/08/2010 10:28:00 AM

how i wish life will be fun everyday.
bored bored bored to death..

baobei ;
iloveyou badly when i am feeling down.
imissyou badly when i am lonely.
ithinkofyou badly when you not with me D:
i know i am being les right now.
but its all true.
when i am sad,
i wish i could find you, hug you and cry.
after N level i want to go everywhere with yoooooooooooooou!

enjoooooooooooooooooy with yoooooooooooooou!!

:D seeyou later on!

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Saturday, August 7, 2010 @ 8/07/2010 08:02:00 PM

at grandma's house now.
hmms, currently watching...
"Ghost Hunt"
this drama quite nice haha.
introduce by Baobei <3
took so long to go in.
now at last i could finally watch it le.
went to search it at youtube because it will be in English Version.
the sound effect best LOL.
just now dinner i could hardly eat as my hand the fingers,
hurt alot!
damn norh.
got to go back to my show!
boreddddddddddddd dieeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeee but now i can drama le!!!!

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Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 8/06/2010 06:01:00 PM

Tag reply.

Andy ; laughs. i everytime solve solve solve till cannot balance, i str8 hand in.

Rachel ; o.o . come talk to me nah :) i will be willing to be your listening ears. and i promise you i won't tell anyone else de. i agree with you. friends that don't wish to listen to problems not true friends. and if they wanna listen, they must take it seriously too! well, we cant say they are heartless too. just take it as nothing had happen then. angry also no point anyway. sigh. you too, must cheer up! :)) haha.

XiiaoBeii ; haha! nice right? i find it nice too :) so put it as my blog's song. :D . go download bah!! :))

today national day celebration so bored!
it just not like celebration siah.
early in the morning,
assemble at the parade square.
stand till very long,
make my back pain till dont know how say lors!
after that we went to hall and assemble again.
the presentation and speech they give quite boring.
but i like the part where saying the movie thing de.
i watched the another half part of movie at home again.
"That's the way i like it"
okay then later recess time,
i stayed at class alone as i can't go find my friends.
they watching movie :(
sad die me.
lonely lonely me.
so during recess i went to arrange class' cupboard.
after recess time,
took pencil case green in colour.
then watched movie.
after that went to 8hundred plus there eat KFC with...
Baobei, SweetHeart and Andy also went there too.
so fun at big bookshop.
as some entertaining story start with a fairy tale.
Frog and Princess xD
okay well, dont say le.
later someone saw angry with me ler ~

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Thursday, August 5, 2010 @ 8/05/2010 04:33:00 PM

tired tired.
today schoooooooooooool.
hmms, english got TA on incident report...
geography, have test and it is quite difficult
because i never revise enough if not it will be easy as..
the question there is exactly the same as teacher gave us do the paper..-.-
i am so stupid never go revise but watching drama.
tsk tsk.
then POA also got test, about final account.
rawr ~
but could balance ^^ LOLS.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 @ 8/04/2010 05:12:00 PM

Well i had nothing much to say.
today woke up my eyes like can't open.
maybe i cried too much yesterday.
today school was nervous about N level chinese oral.
but it just a temporary nervous because i know my chinese is weak.
then until the time when it is my turn, i am totally blank.
wishing the passage will be easy.
when i read read read till got the word that link to keep smoke de, i am so happy.
because it sure be the smoke topic as it is a easy topic anyway.
when i step into the room, my mind gona blank!
i read the words all gone wrong, and also some out of tone..-.-
keep hear the teachers "sigh" i damn YA LI!
don't want type liaos.
sad sad.

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The bad things i ever wish to vanish it!
Tuesday, August 3, 2010 @ 8/03/2010 08:10:00 PM

i really hate it.
why nobody know my problem!!!!
even my family members!!
i just don't want people to shout at me, thats all!!
what so difficult??????!
i don't know how to survive already seriously.
its driving me crazy everyday, every hours, every minutes, every seconds!
i had enough and am very tired already, seriously!
can you please give me peace, mum???
please.....i only have one and only favour.
just don't shout at me like anyone else!
i born to be weird!
don't like to be scolded, shouted, vulgarities all those..
yes i know, parent sometime do shout and scold us because theres a theory,
but for me i don't really think it is.
i will think that its totally opposite.
younger brother also wanna irritate me, bully me, complain about me and blame me.
still got what? wanna hit me next time is it?
i wish you could help me by study together with me, thats all brother.
i don't want you to keep irritate me so whatever.
i love to see when you care for me when i am sick, pour water for me to drink.
you are the one and only brother to me you know?
why can't you be responsible enough and respect people too?
i hope you could change to a better person and don't mix with bad company.
i never even tried to shout at you, scold at you, bully you like what you did to me.
why are you keep doing this to me brother?
i had enough already you know.
i can't share feeling to you but i really really hope you could understand me..
am i your pillow to you?
for your information, NO!
if one day i just pass off, i just hope that everything around me will be better!
now i had tried my very best to get a good result for my prelims and N level.
i know how much i study, how much i revise, in the end i will still not in the standard.
but i know one thing,
for myself,
everything for me is gonna be a new thing,
and i need to try till the very end.
you said family is the most important ones..but why i can't share my pains?
as well as i wanna share but don't have the feeling of telling out and share with you all.
to my friends, i had the same feeling as well..
and i am still wondering what on earth am i......?!
i really need you.
in class, i could hardly see you.
i wish we are in the same time.
play together and study together.
i hope i could still carry our friendship till the very last end!
loveyoulots ♥ !

[So i am the one that leave in my own world,
nothing can stop me from leaving my world.
silently is my word]

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@ 8/03/2010 03:13:00 PM

Today i gonna say what had happen yesterday :)
went to Seoul Garden eat
with Jocelyn and her friends and See Kin.
i don't dare to touch the thing so let Joc and Sk do it ;x
anyway thanks ! :)
you all are kind!
then after we finish eating,
we went to popular.
then went to library find Rachel and Wanqing.
after meeting them we jiu dismiss le.
then sk followed me to for the next program.
meaning have fun with Rachel and Wanqing le.
But i guess he not having fun, laughs.
because he seems to be emo!!
next go KFC eat eat again.
counted as my dinner already.
but i just came out from Seoul Garden then i went to eat again, lols.
so later we went to popular again.
then later accompany them to other shops to look for Jia Hui's birthday.
until its 6.22pm,
i gotta go.
Rachel said something which i nearly can't hear because i was hearing songs.
aiyooooooooooooooooooooooooooo RACHEL uh!
never mind drop topic.
dont want argue LOL.

Today school was fine..
but during english lesson so long.
1hour half.


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Monday, August 2, 2010 @ 8/02/2010 07:52:00 PM

i will silently care for you,
i will silently worry for you,
i will silently smile for you,
i will silently miss you,
i will silently think of you,
i will silently love you,
i will silently be with you,
i will silently angry you,
i will silently cry,
i will silently happy,
i will silently wait for you.

every moment :)

everything will be there if you are my close friends , friends , baobei , sweetheart !

well, iloveyou ! [♥]

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Sunday, August 1, 2010 @ 8/01/2010 04:31:00 PM

now very bad mood.
and don't really like to use laptop liaos..
very boreddddd lors.

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